08.11.2017 80 rue de Passy 75016 #lifestyle

La Grande Épicerie de Paris, now on the Left Bank

Welcome to La Grande Épicerie – right bank ! You are not dreaming, the institution attached to the Bon Marché Rive Gauche opened its doors this week on the other side of the Seine. Not surprisingly, the event was a big hit. So much so that as soon as evening fell, many were the privileged guests to make the trip. Arrived rue de Passy, the store assumes its allure of luxury establishment with its vegetable facades. We enter, eyes wide open, through the “market square”, a superb display of fruits and vegetables before embarking on the discovery of its delicatessen to the many artisans. We meet Antoine Arnault, Lorena Vergani, Emily Marant (and canine companion) and the chef Jean-François Piège. It’s true, the Grande Épicerie has worked twice as hard to awaken all our senses. A small tour to the chocolate library before sitting at the table of the young chef Beatriz Gonzalez? From floor to ceiling (or rather, to the glass dome), the Grande Épicerie on the left bank is an experience, to be consumed without moderation.

Photos: Romain Mayoussier & Pierre Mouton

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