09.05.2022 Centre Pompidou, Paris #art

“New Objectivity” : Premiere at Centre Pompidou

Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity), an artistic movement born in Germany in the aftermath of the First World War, is the focus of a new exhibition at the Centre Pompidou. Until September, “Germany / 1920s / New Objectivity / August Sander” will highlight this broad movement, which has become a culture in its own right, and which arose from the disillusionment caused by the war. To depict the trauma, painters, authors, musicians and filmmakers chose to return to a form of realism and neutrality. A rich and diverse cultural production, allowing this major exhibition to revive the multidisciplinarity dear to the Centre Pompidou. The curators Angela Lampe and Florian Ebner have brought together almost 900 works and documents, combining painting, photography, architecture, film, theatre, literature and music, to create an ” unprecedented panorama ” of the Neue Sachlichkeit. The thematic exhibition, which brings together the leaders of the movement (Otto Dix, George Grosz, Aenne Biermann … ), dialogues with an “exhibition within an exhibition”: the work of the photographer August Sander. These routes provide a dual perspective on German culture on the eve of Nazism. On Monday, the official preview of the exhibition took place at the Centre Pompidou, in the presence of, among others, the former Minister of Culture, Jack Lang, the President of the Centre Pompidou, Laurent Le Bon, and the emblematic gallery owner Yvon Lambert.

Photo: Jean Picon

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