La relève’ party by l’Oréal Paris and uniFrance Films

Suite L'Oréal - Martinez


If there are two entities that don’t chaument during a Cannes Festival, they are the Martinez and the Oréal. Epicentre of fashion for one, muse machine for the other, M & O bring together all the glamour in exile on the Riviera. Organized this year as a quartet with uniFrance films and Stylist magazine, l’Oréal’s evening logically nourished the most glittering fantasies by opening the doors of its rooftop suite to the wonderful worlds of cinema and beauty.

Chapeautée par les néons du palace art deco, comme un cri visuel chantant de toutes ses lettres le luxe qu’elle abrite, la suite l’Oréal s’est muée en dance-floor pour accueillir les 300 invités desdites institutions. In the ears: Petite Meller’s live pop, Alex Pan for the sequel and, icing on the cake, the surprise set by the house’s official make-up expert, Karim Rahman. “The next generation” of French cinema is assured.

Photos: Romain Mayoussier
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