Lacoste Party “Life is a beautiful sport”

La Générale


The great festive wave, the one we surf against winds and tides, came from the storm Lacoste, which for the reveal of its new slogan gratified its guests with a highly cheerful line-up under the ceilings of La Générale, with the live of The Aïkiu and the dj set of Boombass and Philippe Zdar.

And to honour the crocodile’s new punchline “Life is a beautiful sport”, a few well-calibrated animations took part in making the event memorable, from 3D photocall to live poster collage, ping-pong games and a tide of influential and stylish international bloggers.

Sometimes it is possible to have fun at fashion evenings, but for that it is better to integrate it: don’t look for the obvious, the truth is elsewhere.

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