Lacoste PFW party “Elegance is Victory”

Le Faust


A men’s fashion week wouldn’t really be over without an evening under the little crocodile’s yoke. In recent seasons, Lacoste has indeed succeeded in imposing its musical nocturne in the purest tradition of sportivo-fashion celebrations, if that term exists at all. A parenthesis of frank fun far from the whirlwind glitter of big ready-to-wear houses.

To live up to its reputation as a boreal owl reptile, the firm has this time traded the tennis courts for the southern abutment of Alexander III Bridge – aka FAUST – for the launch of its new racquet, the LT12. A unique object in the world combining for the first time wood and graphite, a feat of know-how and technology. At the DJ booth that night to surround David Luiz, Gustavo Kuerten and the others: Piu Piu and ChChChen, two of the three members of the rising electro girls band: the well named Girls Girls Girls.

Photos: Cédric Canezza
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