21.04.2022 Le 39V, Paris #beauty

Spiritum launch in Paris: Jonathan Dufour reveals his very first fragrance collection

Last Thursday, Jonathan Dufour, creator of the very young perfume house Spiritum revealed his first collection. Over a cocktail reception hosted by chef Frederic Vardon, the guests discovered Numerus, a collection of nine unique fragrances inspired by the ancestral world of numerology. The creations that make up Numerus are the result of Jonathan Dufour’s collaboration with the noses Philippe Paparella and Betrand Duchaufour – who has also created for L’Artisan Parfumeur and Acqua di Parma. Together, the perfumers worked on the three main ingredients of the collection: sage, olibanum and sandalwood. In doing so, they reproduced the olfactive essence of shamanic rituals. After returning from a spiritual retreat in Peru, Jonathan Dufour was enchanted by the power of traditional medicine and wanted to encapsulate his spiritual awakening. With Spiritum, inner healing is at the heart of the creation. The fragrances are designed to harmonize the body, soul and spirit. Back to the highlights of the evening …

Photos: Nicolas Brulez

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