Launch of Radiooooo.com

Le Fantôme


The Benjamin Moreau / Noemi Ferst / Alexandre Grynszpan / Greg Boust / Victor Kiswell accordion quintet has launched its participative music platform. The concept? Choose your country and date, from 1900 to today, and discover a dedicated music library, selected by the founders and enriched with contributions from around the world. What were we listening to in West Berlin in the early’80s? In Vietnam during the Cold War? 1940 New Orleans? A click on the world map will tell you. All served by a cheerful design, fruit of the graphic deliriums of Benjamin and Noémi, to traverse the Earth and the History of the ears and eyes. This little music-spatio-temporal bomb has just been released on the web and is called Radiooooo.com, with five “O’s”.

While waiting to really be able to use this machine with dreams 2.0, one celebrates it, because with the band of the Baron, everything is pretext with. So last Wednesday night, the team hooked up their microphones to the Phantom for their first live broadcast – via Radio Marais. Thomas Lélu and Marco Dos Santos, affable MC in front of the eternal, hosted a few hours during this launch played behind closed doors, with the live participation of Jaguar, Rocky, Adan Jodorowsky, Hangar, or Yann Destal. For the radio silence though, we’ll be back!


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