Launch of the new Edelweiss range

Terrass Kardinal - Paris Ve


The fine flower of white beer! For sunny days, Edelweiss unveils two new versions of its Alpine-born beverage, a version with wood fruits and elderflower aromas and a version with citrus zest and honey touch. And as good news never comes alone, know that you can now find the range in stores – YOLO.

Artistic director Inès Longevial has created a boldly designed box containing the three products (including the original white one), which is sure to be a hit this summer in all our crisper boxes.

It was a bit cold on the Terrass Kardinal – a secret rooftop just steps from the IMA – the night of the presentation, but the performance of Pantheone, We Were Evergreen’s live and Polo & Pan’s set warmed up body and soul. Santé !

Photos: Virgile Guinard
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