06.04.2018 Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche #fashion

Le Bon Marché welcomes Mosaert’s fantasy “Fabrique”

While there is no need to present Stromae the artist, Mosaert, his collective created with Coralie Barbier (his girlfriend) and Luc Junior Tam (his brother), is also making his way. The label mixing fashion, music and various creative ways presents from April 7th its Capsule n°5 at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche. On the evening of the launch, all the regulars of the Rue de Sèvres department store dove into a retro-industrial scenography showcasing the “Mosaert Fabrique” collection. On the ground floor, a moving installation where jackets and t-shirts with colourful prints scroll on rails. At 9:15 pm, the compact crowd gathers around the podium. Both floors are full. Dancers and performers come out of the fantastic machine and bring the collection to life to the sound of Stromae’s new songs – the singer had left the stage several months ago. After the show, music takes over as the guests circulate between trays of chips and waffles in honour of the trio’s native Belgium. Le Bon Marché and Mosaert, it’s the factory of success…

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