Le cocktail ‘Anti Valentine’s’ de CHMPGN w/ Desperados

WAD magazine GQ - Paris Xe


It is an anti Valentine’s Day between friends and festive that we concocted the label CHMPGN instigated by Alban Michelet, last Wednesday evening, to thwart the diabolical plans of the chubby angel Cupidon. The band of friends found themselves in the ultra-hype headquarters of the WAD, rue du Faubourg St Denis. An evening under the sign of bromance, therefore, more than ever engaged in the struggle against the boredom and tyranny of the couple.

On the programme of this happening defying urban laws: the exclusive reveal of the brand’s capsule collection, made up of accessories branded “moi + moi”; and, on the music side, the DJ sets by Roche Musique (Cézaire and R_point) and Sonny Amérie, broadcast live on Hotel Radio Paris. On Wednesdays everything is allowed, proof in pictures.

Photos: Valentin Le Cron
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