06.05.2022 Antibes #art

«Archives of creation» : the Hartung Bergman Foundation opens to the public

The Hartung Bergman Foundation, created by the two major figures of modern art whose name it bears, has preserved the memory of their works since 1994. Hans Hartung and Anne-Eva Bergman had their property, a Mediterranean villa with the features of a Latin domus, built on the heights of Antibes. In the heart of the olive grove, the residence and the artists’ studio still house a “clutter of objects, full of energy” … and history. This spring, the Foundation enters a new phase of its existence. The Hartung Bergman’s treasures, paintings, prints, photographs and personal objects, which until now have belonged to the private museum, will be put on display. 28 years after its creation, the historic studio is open to the public at large, “from the eminent curator, to the fauvist eye, to the complete novice”. Over the past two years, work has been undertaken to rethink the immense architectural complex. Gardens, terraces and exhibition areas have been adapted to accommodate the public. A new space designed by the architect Cristiano Isnardi will allow the Foundation to present a major temporary exhibition each year, devoted to the life and work of Anna-Eva Bergman and Hans Hartung. Last Friday, Thomas Schlesser, director of the Foundation, celebrated the opening of its first in situ exhibition, “the archives of creation”. An opportunity to taste the specialities of Marcelle, the Foundation’s chef since 1973…

Photo: Jean Picon

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