The olfactory saga of les Bains Guerbois continues to make history. After it’s first five fragrances, all representative of a year that has marked the history of Les Bains (1885, 1978, 2015 and more recently “1900, l’Heure de Proust” and “2013, Résidence d’Artistes”), two new Eaux de Parfums now complete the collection. With “1979, New Wave”, master perfumer Dominique Ropion invites us to relive an evening spent at Les Bains, as if a night of concerts, legendary moments and sensations are all infused into the fragrance. With “2018 Roxo Tonic” perfumer Fanny Bal has recreated the festive essence of a revival: that of the Roxo restaurant, the latest addition to Les Bains. A place where day and night collide, where we let ourselves go and become intoxicated by our surroundings… and masterfully crafted cocktails. Just after Fashion Week, Jean-Pierre Marois invited his friends to celebrate the launch of these two new Eaux de Parfum in his emblematic club with special guests including model Ophélie Guillermand and Academician Marc Lambron with music by the duo Cosmo Sonic.

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