20.03.2018 Café Georges #lifestyle

Les Bleus and Coca-Cola’s Trophy Tour give the best throwback

Football fans can thank Coca-Cola for giving them one of the greatest leaps in the past imaginable last night. While just twenty years ago the French soccer team won the FIFA World Cup for the very first time in history, the public could approach the precious trophy lifted by Aimé Jacquet’s mythical team in 1998. As part of the fourth edition of the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour, Coca-Cola brought together players and personalities from sport and culture for a highly emotional evening at Café Georges on the roof of Centre Pompidou. Alongside Coca-Cola France President François Gay-Bellile, Marcel Desailly brandishing the trophy gives us flashbacks while the festivities were launched (in French!) by FIFA 2018 ambassador and ex-Miss Russia Victoria Lopyreva. One could even bow down to Zizou’s iconic shirt which was religiously displayed in a window – while regretting his absence. Consolation enough, the guest of honour of this exceptional evening was the trophy itself, which, as we write these lines, continues its international tour. Next stop: Reims.

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