08.06.2022 Paris #beauty

Les Filles en Rouje: Jeanne Damas launches her beauty brand (at last!)

Beautiful as a Parisienne. The whole world dreams of unraveling the beauty secrets of this mythical woman, always elegant, but never too chic. It’s no surprise then, that Jeanne Damas, the ultimate “Parisienne”, finally launched her own beauty brand, Filles en Rouje. A natural progression of her fashion label, this new beauty concept will bring together the makeup products that Jeanne has already launched over the past few years. These include her best-sellers: golden lipsticks, powder palettes and vanity sets, all in chic retro cases. On Wednesday night, Jeanne gathered her friends Nina Koltchitskaya, Elsa Muse, Alexandra Ricci, Gaia Weiss, Yasmine Eslami, at Rouje’s headquarters on Rue Bachaumont. Together, they celebrated beauty, life and this new chapter of Rouje’s story. A perfect opportunity, also, to let her friends try her latest beauty product, La Palette Visage. Nomadic, multi-use and universal, according to Jeanne, one can play with the palette with the fingers, applying it intuitively, on the eyelids, the cheekbones or the mouth. The highlight of the evening? Ichon’s dizzying showcase, when he sang his hits from the window of the brand’s offices…

Photo: Jean Picon


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