The best projects often result from encounters: Jean-Pierre Marois and Gilbert Kann can attest to this. Brought together by their shared passion for art and design, the owner of Les Bains and the curator of 20th- and 21st-century decorative arts furniture unveiled a major project: an art installation throughout the premises of the Parisian boutique hotel. Gilbert Kann brought in the work of artist couple the Simonnets, known since the 1970s for their modular work, to add “art in the midst of all.” From small to monumental formats, the Simonnets scattered their Polymorphs in every corner of Les Bains: the steps to the patio, the lounges to the restaurant, in bedrooms and even the adjoining shop. The “Invasion Exhibition” also presents the famous 4.5 meter-high chair, on the terrace on the second floor.

Photos: Thomas Smith
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