Lionel Bensemoun’s Barbecue

Lumio - Corse


The late afternoon begins with a bath in the rocks at the end of the bay. After Lumio, the road winds along the seafront, and serves the villas scattered in the maquis. Until that of Lionel Bensemoun, who this year chose to play it solo although the stone shanty does have several rooms. Probably for friends, because he has a lot of them. Diving in the large Mediterranean bath, snorking and sea urchin fishing punctuate the last day of the festival, only about twenty minutes from the Citadel. Breakbot and Irfane, crime partners, came with their +1.

The two djs, who a few minutes before were soaking up the last rays of the day, go up the garden and turn up the sound. Funk, and other occasional vinyls. Some light the barbecue while others prepare the punch. Bea’s taxi drops off guests as it travels back and forth. She took advantage of the wealth coming from the north to load the race to 60th. For 20 km, it’s totally spoliation, but too bad, the trip is worth it. Lionel, who has been a critic of friendship and celebration between people from all over the world, invited Nicolas Bedos, a showbiz neighbour for many years, Xavier de Rosnais, who closed the day before the concerts at the Théâtre de Verdure, but also Izia Higelin, Charlotte le Bon, Jean Dujardin, Vahina Giocante, and his friend Emmanuel Perrotin.

Beyond the name-dropping highly provided for an insular evening, it is twilight on rocky point which most come to enjoy. Yellow, then orange, a few cottony threads iridesce the show. Immaculate horizon, virgin of any maritime flow, some try to meditate in a surge of plenitude, glass of rosé in fist. The sound controllers were later entrusted to Dju, Peter Pan, then Marco Dos Santos, who together transformed the silent villa into a large electric dance floor, where all excesses were allowed. A delicious happy ending worthy of the little mermaid. Ask her, she was there. B.B.

Photos: Cédric Canezza
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