15.06.2022 Paris #beauty

Lipstick Night : Louboutin colors the Parisian nights with his signature red

You’d know it in a million, this red-soled stiletto rocking the delicate gait of the Parisian woman. For over thirty years, the iconic Louboutin has been a worldwide symbol of French elegance. The scarlet reverse has since entered pop culture  and found its place among blushes and powders, in the beauty line launched by the brand in 2012. In honor of this signature lipstick, Louboutin Beauty hosted yesterday its “Lipstick Night”.  A cocktail was followed by a dinner at the Maison Bréguet hotel in Paris. In the sun-drenched patio, make-up artist Ruby Mazuel painted the lips of the lucky guests, Odile Gautreau, Lara Violetta and Cindy Emelie to name only a few. Each received their very own red lipstick, wrapped in a precious case. Melodie Vaxelaire, Acid Roni and the Lapidus sisters enjoyed the evening on the Bocca Dali sofa, the perfect setting for the Lipstick Night…

Photo: Valentin Le Cron

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