This Friday at Paris Fashion Week, Lutz Huelle had invited his guests at Salle Pleyel to present his Spring/Summer 2019 collection. This has been a busy year for the German-born, Paris-based designer, who was the guest of the Berlin Fashion Council. Lutz Huelle, whose signature is the combination of materials and giving the woman’s wardrobe a new spin, has transformed classic silhouettes: bell-sleeved coats worn with hooded sweatshirts, a cocktail dress worn under a male trench coat, bombers and denim jackets with lace frills… The idea of the collection came from the observation that there is no longer this generational gap between the way parents and children dress. Arriving in the venue, the Italian influencer Paola Turani is seen going backstage to get a peek at the collection. The show takes place in the main hall of Salle Pleyel. The models walk on the thick red velvet carpet, which is characteristic of the most luxurious Parisian theaters and concert halls. The front rows are quickly filled with influential personalities and long-time supporters of the brand, both French and international. To the sound of “Science-Fiction Double Feature” from the iconic film Rocky Horror Picture Show, the silhouettes walk down the runway and prove once again Lutz Huelle’s contemporary vision and play with classical references. Elegant, modern, magical.

Photos: Ludovica Arcero & Andrea Marcantonio
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