2019 marks the 150th anniversary of Henri Matisse’s birth. This artist who has defined the 20th century and master of the use of color has left a legacy that continues to inspire one generation to the next. To celebrate this symbolic anniversary, the Matisse family, who until now has remained discreet in the oftentimes conspicuous art scene, opted to share the artist’s values behind the “Nu Bleu II”. Maison Matisse is an initiative of Jean-Matthieu Matisse, a member of the fourth generation of the painter’s family. In the midst of all of the citywide excitement with the 46th edition of FIAC underway, he gave carte blanche to three artists – Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Jaime Hayon and Alessandro Mendini – to create a limited edition vase collection. The collection was unveiled in the presence of the artists and will be completed in 2020 by a permanent collection. Henri Matisse’s story began 150 years ago at the Chateau-Cambresis and now, more than a century later, it continues to be written in Paris and with his family by his side.

Photos: Ayka Lux
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