06.07.2021 Galerie Véro-Dodat, Paris #luxury

Marc-Antoine Barrois opens his second boutique in Paris

Marc-Antoine Barrois is a fashion designer with an environmental conscience. After working alongside Dominique Sirop or Jean Paul Gaultier at Hermès, he founded his own couture-inspired brand for men in 2009. In 2016, the artistic director launched his first perfume, B683, which was created by perfumer Quentin Bisch (Givaudan). This new chapter put the brand on the map of international perfumery. Shortly after, Marc-Antoine Barrois began to question the stages of perfume production and initiated a more virtuous approach on both environmental and social levels. Today, the brand has chosen to remove preservatives and UV filters from its perfumes – all made in France – and favors natural materials to reduce the use of plastic. In 2020, his second fragrance, Ganymede, also a collaboration with Quentin Bisch, won him the coveted title of Best Fragrance by an independent niche brand at the Fragrance Foundation Awards. In Paris on July 6, the artistic director opened his second Parisian boutique, dedicated to perfume (the brand has nearly 200 points of sale worldwide), inside the Véro-Dodat gallery located in the heart of the Palais-Royal district. Designed by architect Antoine Bouillot (Honneur Society), the boutique was put together using natural materials and features a collaboration with artist Jean-François Fourtou, who exhibits a series of giant snails representative of his dreamlike aesthetic. Among the guests, American designer Zac Posen or Etoile dancer Dorothée Gilbert…

Photos: Thomas Smith

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