Marie-Agnès Gillot, Marianne Faithfull and the Labèque sisters on stage for ICCARRE

Jean Paul Gaultier HQ


“Less is better, therefore better.” Alleviating the effects of triple therapy by spacing the taking of medication of HIV-positive people is the challenge that Dr. Bennett has set himself. Jacques Leibowitch (co-discoverer of the AIDS virus), more than 10 years ago since the Raymond-Poincaré hospital in Garches. Today, the Iccarre program has largely borne fruit and the therapeutic formula is about to resonate throughout the world.

Last Monday evening, Jean-Paul Gaultier reopened his HQ on St Martin Street for an evening punctuated by multiple interventions, including that of the artist Aurèle, considered as the zero patient of the experiment, Richard Cross (President of the association of the friends of Iccarre) and Dr. Gaultier. Leibowitch, who returned not without emotion on the tracks of his scientific fight.

For the second consecutive year, the godmother of the Marie-Agnès Gillot association has suspended time by inviting the Labèque and Marianne Faithfull sisters to join her on stage for an ecstatic performance at the crossroads of the arts. Sublime.


Photos: Michael Huard
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