Marine Serre knows how to create an atmosphere: check out the long tunnel bathed in green light that the guests at her show had to enter to get to their seats. In a wine cellar in Issy-Les-Moulineaux, located far from the city center—a fashion show outside the Paris periphery is always an achievement—the French designer presented “Radiation,” her Fall-Winter 2019 collection. It was a post-apocalyptic universe, a world in which “ecological crises and climate wars destroy the remains of civilization as we know it” (which is less unrealistic than we’d like to admit). It’s a world in which fashion would only be recycled. In the bunker-like setting, the silhouettes presented under green and purple lights featured integral combinations, shell ornaments, gas masks, and futuristic down jackets. Each look was stamped with the crescent moon, Marine Serre’s signature. Since the brand’s inception, sustainable fashion has been at the heart of the designer’s concerns, and it packed a punch on the first day of the Parisian shows. Seated front row at the dystopia were Courtney Trop, Susie Bubble, Leaf Greener and Aleali May.

Photos: Valentin le Cron
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