27.09.2021 Les Jardins d’Olympe, Paris #fashion

Marine Serre presents her vision for the future with ‘OSTAL24’

From the title of her Spring/Summer 2022 collection, ‘Fichu pour Fichu’, one might think of Marine Serre as pessimistic for the future of our world. After all, the pandemic dramatically affecting our lives for over a year now has left its mark and forced designers to rethink the ways they’re creating and showing fashion. But with ‘Fichu pour Fichu’, Serre creates a momentum: one that should push us to rethink our ways of living and consuming. One that seeks to distinguish isolation and solitude in favor of living as one. And eventually one that leads us to a fully sustainable fashion system. Spring/Summer 2022 is Marine Serre’s most sustainable collection to date. It is made of 45% recycled and 45% regenerated materials. The concept of home, the place that shelters and protects us, is central to the collection. It inspires ‘OSTAL24’, a 13-minute film directed by Sacha Barbin and Ryan Doubiago, who previously worked on ‘Amor Fati’, Serre’s previous fashion film. “Ostal”, which means “home” in Occitan, refers to the importance of finding oneself and rethinking our lifestyles. At the very beginning of Paris Fashion Week, Marine Serre unveiled her film and her collection in a Parisian garden, in the company of artist Anne Imhof, photographer Alice Moitié and musician Soko. Here’s a look back in pictures.

Photos: Thomas Smith

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