In 2011, Mathilde Lacombe created JolieBox. The brand’s success was such that a year later the company merged with Birchbox, a New York-based company with the same concept: personalized boxes to showcase beauty products, sent directly to subscribers. Still director of Birchbox France, the hyperactive creative did not intend to stop there: she just launched in Paris her own brand of skincare products, AIME, in association with François Morrier and Valérie Espinasse, a micronutrient specialist. At AIME, no creams or foundations, but capsules adapted to various skin problems. To celebrate the opening of her pop-up store on rue de Turenne, Mathilde Lacombe surrounded herself with friends including Laura Isaaz and her sister Hélène Lacombe, both muses of the campaign displayed in-store. As a sign of the already significant influence of the very young brand, Delphine Arnault (LVMH) had also come to enjoy this evening under the sign of the “healthy way of life”. #YouGlowGirl

Photos: Valentin Le Cron
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