Matthieu Dagorn’s fourth dimension for Desperados

Studio Abel14


Combining street art and virtual reality: this was the new experience that Desperados proposed for the launch party of the 2017 edition of its annual collector’s bottle. Conceived by Matthieu Dagorn, member of the urban art collective 9th concept with which the brand has worked for almost 20 years now, Desperados combines for the first time street art and increased design, which has not failed to arouse the curiosity of its followers. It is an experience on all levels that the guests, from the heir of the MK2 family Elisha Karmitz to a crowd of beer-loving Instagrameurs, were able to live by immersing themselves in Matthieu Dagorn’s installation, a 36m² cube in which he projected his creative universe equipped with sheets of paper and Google Tilt Brush technology: a physical work that comes to life thanks to digital. For the most curious, the augmented reality experience is extended even on bottles thanks to the Desperados Augmented Edition mobile application. The event also gave the opportunity to (re)discover the collection of bottles made over the years, exhibited on steles as they could be seen in a museum. Before finishing the evening in beauty with a DJ set of Freddy Jay and sketch some dance steps, bottle Desperados in hand, of course.

Photos: Valentin Le Cron
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