Meet Stoli’ evening

Loft Bastille


Stolichnaya, a pioneer in this field to say the least, has been offering its premium vodka in a multitude of surprising aromas since 1962, from Jalapeno pepper and honey (the two historic flavours) to Razberi Chocolate and Salted Karamel in 2012.

Just as inspired by the distillations of nature, the STOLI MULE range of cocktails offers ever fresher and more innovative combinations, mixing chilli, raspberry or lime with the iconic Ginger beer, all served in a copper mug that ends up seducing with its original presentation.

To update these associations that have crossed time, borders and even Hollywood, Stolichnaya unveiled last Thursday night some of its secrets at the Loft Bastille, led by DJ Loukoko’s pop decks.

For the record, Solichnaya is the first vodka to have been in space, in 1975, delivered to weightlessness in the holds of the joint Apollo-Soyuz mission. To infinity… and beyond! Nasdrovia!

Photos: Jean Picon
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