Melody Quintet Night Launch

Hotel le Cinq Codet


A haven of peace in the heart of the 7th century. The Cinq Codet patio opened its doors last Friday evening for a new season under the trees, out of sight. Around this urban oasis, the hotel displayed its charms behind the facades built in the 1930s, like a transparent and curved vessel typical of this period. It is true that, without this architectural characteristic, it would no longer be a patio, but nevertheless, the thing is rare enough in Paris to be mentioned.

So, to celebrate this local curiosity which is nonetheless a luxurious setting, the General Manager of the hotel asked the Abby brothers to orchestrate a series of musical happenings every Thursday in May and June. From this association were born the Quintet Melody evenings, launched last Friday evening in parallel with the patio. A new version of the chic aperitif, in short.

Photos: Virgile Guinard
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