Known primarily for his sculptures and conceptual creations, Erwin Wurm has always used photography as an archive or artistic expression in its own right. Until June, the MEP is offering a new perspective on his work. This major retrospective of 200 prints made since the 1980s brings together the photographic achievements of the Austrian artist for the first time in the world including many previously unpublished works. Visitors can also recreate the mythical One Minute Sculptures themselves and become ephemeral living sculptures. As part of this new season of exhibitions, the MEP also welcomes the work of Chinese photographer Gangao Lang to the Studio, a space dedicated to emerging artists. Winner of the 2019 Dior Prize for Photography for Young Talents, the artist creates sensitive portraits with double meanings thanks to various digital manipulations. This metamorphosis of pictures reveals them in a different light. In these two exhibitions, photography lies perfectly between performance and reality, with humor and commitment.

Photos: Pierre Mouton
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