Mercedes Salazar is a modern-day explorer. Colombian by birth, she launched her Mercedes Salazar Jewelry brand in 2001 after years spent in Mexico. Her contemporary style stems from her close collaboration with the artisans of her home country and experiences. Using ancestral techniques, she transforms recovered objects (buttons, pieces of leather…) into creations inspired by Colombian tradition. The designer, who draws from her world travels for inspiration, has partnered with The Luxury Collection to create an exclusive line of jewelry and accessories inspired by three trips across Mexico at the group’s hotels: the Solaz Resort in Los Cabos, Hacienda Temozon and Hacienda Santa Rosa in Yucatan, and Las Alcobas in Mexico City. During Paris Design Week, the designer invited friends and journalists to discover her collection in the intimate (and inspired) setting of La Schiap, the restaurant at the Hôtel de Berri. Here’s a sneak peek at her collection and this exclusive evening.

Photos: Jean Picon
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