Miami Art Basel best parts

Miami - Etats-Unis


Five days of modern and contemporary art against a backdrop of wild nights, all in Miami Beach: Art Basel has been the meeting place for cosmopolitan trendsetters since 1970. Between two strolls on the sunny coast, dotted with artistic installations, it is the reign of the celebration and the relaxation.

Unmissable this season: the Silencio party, which moved to Florida for one night to give Pharrell Williams the opportunity to make us dance.

And then, as might be expected, the Baron monopolized the festivities with his evenings that we searched everywhere. Where is The Baron? A question to which Theophilus London, Takashi Murakami, Maurizio Cattelan and many others answered without hesitation.

The next day, rebelote at the Playboy Theater, with as guest star a checkered bunny and lace veil. So kitsch.

At the Marine Stadium, Audemars Piguet and the Perrotin Gallery – in partnership with Whitewall magazine – presented “Curiosity”, a work by KOLKOZ aka Benjamin Moreau and Samuel Boutruche, specially designed for Art Basel.

Finally, leave the seaside to meddle legitimately in the Baron’s secret concert (again), where Natacha Lejeune played under the starry banner while Ry Rocklen sipped a cocktail, fresh out of the Absolut Art bar with Lionel Bensemoun.

The week ended on the track of the Wall Club for a last evening in the paradise of contemporary art.

Photos: Robin Buchholz
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