09.11.2017 Loulou #fashion

Miasuki unveils its three young muses

Founded by the talented Mia S. Lei, Miasuki may be discreet in the Franco-Parisian ready-to-wear scene, but it is one of those labels whose strong identity makes it all the more interesting. His DNA? The horses. What did he say? To create high quality and demanding clothing for all our clients, motivated by equestrian passion. This week, the house invited friends and journalists to the Loulou to discover the first chapter of its new collection entitled “Miasuki IX”. On this occasion, she honoured three young French show-jumping champions, Flore Giraud, Iman Perez and Mathilde Pinault. If their last names are not foreign to us, it is because one is the daughter of the actor Vincent Perez and the other that of François-Henri Pinault. But young girls are not defined by their genetic heritage: more than muses, they revealed themselves at a private dinner as worthy standard-bearers of the brand’s values. A trio to follow.

Photos: Cédric Canezza

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