Does the painting exist before the act of painting? This is the question explored by Monique Frydman’s new exhibition at Espace Commines. For “Le temps de peindre”, the French artist presents a selection of paintings created between1980 and 1990, on which she worked again in 2018. In addition to this selection, a series of recent works create a dialogue with the first paintings. The exhibition questions the temporality of the painting and by extension the artist’s creative process, which is a consideration that has never left Monique Frydman. The artist has always tried to develop a language that is her own despite the references inhabiting every artist. On view until November 11, the exhibition was inaugurated this week in the presence of Lionel Jospin, Annette Messager (currently invited by Institut Giacometti) or actress Lubna Playoust.

Photos: Pierre Mouton
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