Mouna Rebeiz paints music at Pierre-Alain Challier’s house


The Pierre-Alain Challier Gallery welcomes the works of the Lebanese artist, which must be discovered as a matter of urgency, as Empress Farah Pahlavi, Marie Christine Delacroix and Michel Adé did during the opening.

A hybrid artist at the crossroads between French and Lebanese cultures, Mouna Rebeiz puts into practice the teachings received from Alix de la Source, Abraham Pincas and Mohammad Rawas, respectively professors at the Beaux-Arts in Paris and Beirut. An artistic education that she puts at the service of the musical environment in which she grew up and which inspired the series of paintings presented in “La Voie de l’Opéra”.

With this exhibition, the artist transcribes the power of twenty operas, from Handel to Vangelis, on monumental canvases between abstraction and figuration. Like the “Ghost Ship”, an oil on canvas in powdery tones, directly inspired by Wagner’s opera, or the fourteen meter long canvas unveiled on January 26 at the gallery, inspired by “Mythodea” by Vangelis – which also signs the preface to the exhibition catalogue.

To let yourself be carried away by this intoxicating atmosphere, head for the Pierre-Alain Challier gallery before February 11, 2017.

Photos: Chantapitch Wiwatchaikamol
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