Who has never trembled in front of “Tenebrae” or shivered watching the powerful images of “Suspiria”? Certainly not Massimo Giorgetti. A big fan of Dario Argento, the creator of the MSGM label (which celebrated its tenth anniversary last year) presented the second part of his collaboration with the legendary Italian director at his Fall-Winter 2020 fashion show in Milan. Nicknamed the “Master of Horror”, Dario Argento inspired Giorgetti to create a collection that navigates between hyper-femininity and novelty, between past and present, and drew from the director’s taste for excess and saturated colors to create a collection that ranges from tailoring to faux fur coats and Victorian-inspired dresses. With this collection titled “Notte” (the night), Massimo Giorgetti presented prints “alla Argento”, starting with a toile de Jouy directly inspired by the universe of “Deep Red” plus a series of shirts and skirts inspired by posters of Argento’s films. The silver (for Argento) watermarks the coats and accessories and adds the finishing touch to this collection that the designer defines as the gathering of “young women with powers beyond all imagination”. This alternative reality imbued with black poetry bewitched guests including Larsen Thompson, Elisa Visari and Gavin Casalegno

Photos: Ludovica Arcero
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