18.06.2022 Piazza Olivetti, Milan #fashion

MSGM Spring-Summer 2023: the possibility of an (imaginary) island

Press pause on the button of your life and seek your island. Imagine a place full of possibilities, where humanity represents the future of itself, far away from the modern world of technology and connections. Massimo Giorgetti, creative director of MSGM, for his spring-summer 2023 collection took inspiration from Michel Houellebecq’s bestselling novel “La possibilité d’une île”. Our mind can fly away but our feet are well-rooted to the ground. Fastweb headquarters is the location of the show chosen by Massimo to underline how humanity is constantly surrounded by technology. In a grey, industrial setting with a water basin, MSGM models with their tropical prints gave hope to the guests. And Massimo Giorgetti, with his collection, is ready to give a new face to urban style. Colorful shirts are paired with bermuda shorts, printed with exotic fruits. The prints are also playful this seasons: bananas meet crocs on natural fabrics and jacquard knitwear. Jacket and trouser suits, in classic masculine fabrics are revisited, as well, with some floral prints. In other words, it’s a mix of styles for a mix of mindsets. where urban outerwear meets an imaginary island. A reflection on nowadays and an invitation to the future, and peaceful coexistence between real life and digital life, this vision was welcomed and applauded by MSGM international guests. From Korean actors Chen Chang Fan, Amiaya twins and Han Seung-ju to Spanish web stars such as Carlos Parejo, Alex Sanchez De Mora and Gonzalo Aquerreta. Discover the highlights of the collection in our photo gallery.

Photos: Andrea Marcantonio

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