Myriam Mihindou installs her hypnotic strength in Apartment

Appartement 27Bis


The exhibition space between the living space and the art gallery created by Nathalie Miltat, specialist in sub-Saharan arts and founder of Orafrica, Appartement today honours the French-Gabonese artist Myriam Mihindou as part of her third season of exhibitions. Ten years of exchanges between the artist and Sonia Recasens, guest curator, gave life to the exhibition “La Sève du Nkoso” that came to discover professionals and fine Parisian art connoisseurs. To the sound of the piano accompanying the fifteen or so works on display, the guests immersed themselves in the artist’s reflections on the ambivalence of the body and the relationship between the visible and the invisible through an interdisciplinary approach to photography and sculpture. A work with hypnotic strength and innate spirituality to discover until April 1st.

Photos: Romain Mayoussier
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