As Paris Fashion Week prepared to wrap up its series of shows and presentations, there was one event one would not have missed for it was for a good cause. This was the new edition of the Naked Heart Foundation Half Marathon created by Natalia Vodianova. For nine years, the supermodel with a big heart partnered up with Guerlain through her Foundation. Every year, they gather a group of volunteers to participate in the race and raise funds. This year Natalia Vodianova run the twenty-one kilometers-long route with Instagram star Camila Coehlo, who came to support the “Summer with purpose” initiative for children with autism spectrum disorder. After the morning run, Guerlain invited its philanthropic athletes to an intimate evening at Victoria’s. Top model Karlie Kloss was alongside Natalia Vodianova and Camila Coehlo the celebrate the successes of the morning in benefit of the children around the world who need it most.

Photos: Say Who
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