New Literary Fortnight Launch

Boutique Agnès b.


The launch of La Nouvelle Quinzaine Littéraire was well worth a party! Agnès B., who loves literature, was keen to celebrate the event and the long history of this mythical newspaper. Thus, the designer has created posters and a limited edition bag, which can be found for a few weeks in the brand’s boutiques. Faulkner, Picabia, Duchamp or Michel Foucault are always there, more topical than ever.

On October 30, the new team led by Tiphaine Samoyault was drinking with Claire and Gilles Nadeau, the founder’s children, the great Maurice Nadeau, who died before the summer at 102. Around them, the faithful and supporters of this New Fortnight: Pierre Pachet, Thierry Laisney, Marie Etienne, Steven Sampson, Natacha Andriamirado, or Yan Céh, instigator of this operation alongside Jean-François Sanz at Agnès B. Long live La Nouvelle Quinzaine Littéraire!

Photos: Jean Picon
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