10.04.2018 Boutique diptyque, 332 rue Saint-Honoré #lifestyle

With its new Rive Droite boutique, diptyque continues its urban journey

There are trips that don’t require to go far to be remembered. That, diptyque has understood it well. While its boutique at 34 boulevard Saint-Germain remains a must-see stop on any Parisian trip since 1961, the house (well known for its candles and perfumes) recently extended its urban presence to the Right Bank with the opening of its new flagship. At 332 rue Saint-Honoré, it is a small but experience-oriented space the house’s guests were able to discover last night. Proof that diptyque is well on the radar of some of the most prominent personalities in Paris, we could bump into Inès de la Fressange, designer Alexis Mabille or icon Isabelle Adjani. All discovered with attention the new candle of the house in homage to Parisian freedom. Olfactory but not only, the experience extends on boutique’s wall to which the artist Alix Waline has added a new texture, all dots from floor to ceiling, which she created with a felt pen. We even caught her signing her work during the evening, and thus putting that last touche that makes this boutique unique.

Photos: Paul Blind

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