It is not every day that you are invited to participate in creating your favourite bags. Claire Aubadie, artistic director of Camille Fournet, understands this well: it is by creating a relationship with her followers that her collections will come to life. She thus had the idea of inviting her most faithful friends to take part in a “demi-mesure” workshop in her Rue Cambon boutique. The workshop was run by the brand ambassador Nicolas Ouchenir. Who better to guide the guests, from Lorena Vergani to stylist Camille Seydoux and model DJ Agathe Mougin? While often with no experience in designing, all of them managed to create the perfect mini accessory in their image. It was the perfect setting to learn more about the company’s know-how (all its models are made in the Picardy factory) and, in the end, it is teamwork that counts. After all, is one never better served than by oneself?

Photos: Thomas Smith
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