Elegant, timeless, yet practical… The Object Particolare bags are sure to seduce Parisian women. This Tuesday, the Milanese brand celebrated its launch in France in good company: Alexandra Golovanoff, Éléonore Lourdais, Dorcas Coppin, Inès Mélia and Marissa Cox were gathered for a dinner at Galerie MR14 in the Marais district. Object Particolare mixes New York design and Italian craft. It is headed up by Parsons graduate and former Head of Design at Everlane, Petra Langerova. In 2017, she met Eric Joselzon, the director of Siloe, an Italian factory with expert leather skills. Together, they decided to create the first brand for the factory, combining its local know-how with Petra’s creative vision. Based in Milan, the company has been making bags since 2018, as part of a considered luxury approach. Each object is handmade by a single artisan using traditional techniques. The result? Unique, modern bags that promote a return to craftsmanship.

Photos: Valentin Le Cron
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