15.02.2022 Pierre Passebon - Galerie du Passage, Paris #art

‘Obsession Dietrich’: Edouard Taufenbach and Bastien Pourtout at Galerie du Passage

The exhibition ‘Obsession Dietrich’, presented from February 15 to March 15 at Pierre Passebon – Galerie du Passage, is the result of numerous encounters. First of all, it is the fruit of Edouard Taufenbach and Bastien Pourtout’s close collaboration. The two artists, winners of the Swiss Life 4 Hands Prize, are united by the same creative drive since their residency at the Villa Medici in 2019. Then they both met gallery owner Pierre Passebon, a self-proclaimed Marlene Dietrich aficionado. After a first introduction at the Paris Photo fair in 2018, Pierre Passebon took interest the duo’s approach to photography, which consists in a well-honed “visual dialogue” via Instagram Stories that leads to the creation of their collage works. This particular approach led Pierre Passebon to grant them access to his incredible collection of Marlene Dietrich photographs through the ages. His own obsession thus became that of the artists, and their constant dialogue eventually gave life to this wonderful exhibition. Here her legendary image is duplicated, combined, recreated and sometimes suggested, even erased to only leave room to the myth.

Photos : Pierre Mouton

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