One bottle per minute with Champagne Lanouvelle’s Affriolant Brut Cuvée

Monsieur Mouche


Champagne is often a story of passion. For Paul de Lanouvelle, a direct descendant of Nicolas Ruinart, initiated into the secrets of the best terroirs since childhood, it is also a demand: that of dusting off the image of Champagne among the younger generation, of which he is a part. No more Champagne reserved for special occasions, it is now drunk without complexes. The first vintage, Brut Affriolant, bears its name well. This week, Paul de Lanouvelle celebrated his partnership with Monsieur Mouche, a barge-bar launched a few months ago by Benjamin Roussel. Nearly 700 guests responded to the invitation of Geoffroy de Labouchere and Louis Jambu-Merlin, Nightbird2 duo and friends of Paul de Lanouvelle, and it is even said that more than one bottle was drunk per minute. Doing the math is almost as intoxicating as a few sips of this sparkling vintage. An evening of celebration that made Paris dance to the rhythm of jumping traffic jams…

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