Open your World party by Heineken

Gaité Lyrique


Travelling through five major capitals while staying on the first floor of the Gaité Lyrique, this is what Heineken proposed, last night, to his guests who came to live the night experience.

Musical and artistic performances and culinary discoveries punctuated this great sleight of hand, against a backdrop of ultra-millimetre urban mappings of which only the SUPERBIEN agency has the secret. The main floor of the Museum of Digital Arts, with its benches and signage, has been revamped into an airport terminal, with several stops on the main floor: in Amsterdam, San Proper’s electro made The Towners dance, while in New York, the lights of the city sparkled for Dillon Cooper’s live show. In Shanghai, we found the group of dancers, this time accompanied by the girls of GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS. Closing of the festivities in Berlin via Rio de Janeiro, with Jess & Crabbe, Leisure System, Sam Barker & Hubie Davison. The funniest transit in the world.

Photos: Virgile Guinard
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