Le Grand Palais may get all of the attention during the FIAC, but its little sister le Petit Palais  is a major hub of contemporary Art thanks to the FIAC Projects program. More than 30 sculptures and installations are currently taking over the prestigious exhibition rooms and grounds of the Petit Palais and extending onto the pedestrian Avenue Winston Churchill. The program is a throwback to the origins of le Petit Palais, a massive edifice built for the 1900 esplanade of the World Fair designed create a unique environment to showcase sculptures and installations. A historical context for a contemporary exhibition that features both established and emerging talents from across the globe. This year’s FIAC Projects is a collaboration with Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel, chief curator of the next Riga Biennial who joined Emmanuel Perrotin …  to welcome guests with a performance from artist Emeka Ogboh, DJ set and culinary treats from Chef Malonga. This year’s elegantly eclectic mix of Art on display includes Erik Dietman’s electric candles in shoes, Richard Jackson’s experimental where he attacked and destroyed then painted cars at a car wash, Nicolas Lamas’ paradoxical blend of antique statues and photocopiers, Elsa Sahal’s ironic and insolent giant sculpture of multiple female breasts pointing in all directions, Laure Prouvost’s global warming alert titled “We Will Keep Cool” and so much more. FIAC Projects runs through October 20th

Photos: Pierre Mouton
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