Opening of Claire Tabouret’s “Les débutantes” exhibition

Galerie Bugada & Cargnel


The great collectors keep an eye on him and spy on each of his new productions. At 31 years old, Claire Tabouret is on her way to the most bankable spheres of her generation. And it is not the first time that such a phenomenon has arisen from the gallery Bugada & Cargnel (late Cosmic Gallery), like Cyprien Gaillard, Adrien Missika or Wilfrid Almendra before her…

For her first solo exhibition at the gallery, entitled’Les Débutantes’, the French artist presents a set of nine paintings of the same large format, freely inspired by the Bal des débutantes, this annual social event held in Paris and where young heirs of the French aristocracy and the international jet set make their entry into the world. Like so many ersatz of official group photographs (another immutable tradition of the event), these large paintings with abstract flows are declined in several tones, sometimes warm, sometimes icy, by coming to haunt the cymaises of his army of melancholic ghosts. To be discovered ABSOLUTELY before 7 February 2015.

Claire TABOURET – Beginners
Bugada & Cargnel Gallery
7, rue de l’Équerre – Paris XIXe

Photos: Camille Zerhat
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