Opening of Sarah Tritz’s exhibition

Fondation d'entreprise Ricard


In””Diabolo chews gum in the rain and thinks of his ass””, the characters Sarah Tritz calls to the Foundation – from the melancholic Diabolo, who gives her title to the exhibition, to the delicious Sluggo, straight out of an American 30’s comic book – drag behind them a cohort of mystery guests…

Forgotten or illustrious elders parents that the artist retrieves from the sieve of art history and who haunt the rugged filiation of characters, or characters, that populate his work. Picabia and her bride to whom Sarah Tritz entrusts the care of welcoming the spectators, Roy Lichtenstein who inspires her drowned wife, the German painter Willi Baumeister to whom she prints a fresco entitled Afrika and still Max Ernst from whom she unfolds a small drawing to cut the sharp contours of a totemic Giant in 3D. Until 9 January 2016.

Photos: Jean Picon
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