Opening of the Belleville Biennalle 2014

Paris Belleville


Proximity, territoriality, diversity: the Biennale has based its identity on a physical and imaginary exploration of this ancient commune with a rich past, trying to transcend this attachment to context.

Explore, stroll, stroll: the 3rd edition of the Belleville Biennale, entitled La piste des Apaches, promises to be a walk, whether it is seen as a way of urban neo-tourism or as a sign of a human gathering.

The numerous projects of the artists will take over the winding streets of the district, making this territory the real protagonist of the event; they will not hesitate either to cross the ring road to finally make live this Great Paris so much awaited.

New pedestrian links through Belleville and La Petite Couronne, stories of geolocalized underground visits on smartphones, trips from bars to bars to listen to texts by unpublished artists, ghost events..: between unbridled revisits of the exhibition format, poetic survey of the district, narrative evocation of the works instead of the classical display, the biennale transcends geographical and formal limits in order to offer a new vision of contemporary art, all in mobility and disorientation.

September 25 to October 26, 2014

Photos: Michael Huard
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