Opening of the exhibition Alberto Biasi

Galerie Tornabuoni


The Tornabuoni Art gallery presents, from 27 March to 27 June 2015, an exhibition dedicated to the Italian artist Alberto Biasi. For the first time in its Parisian space and in collaboration with the artist, the gallery devotes this exhibition to the major role that Biasi played and still plays today in kinetic art.

Orchestrated by curator Serge Lemoine, the exhibition brings together works emblematic of the work on the movement to which Alberto Biasi committed himself in 1959 and testifies to the artist’s desire to question the conception of traditional painting – notably the use of the so-called”classical” perspective – by focusing exclusively on the retinal phenomena and the possible effects of the works on visitors.

Tornabuoni Art Gallery
16 Avenue Matignon – Paris VIIIe

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