Opening of the exhibition Robert Montgomery

Galerie Nikki Diana Marquardt


CHAPTER 6 IN WHICH WE SIT LIKE DOCILE CATTLE WHILE YOU USE THE AESTHETICS OF PUNK ROCK TO SELL CREDIT CARDS BACK TO US””. This very, very long title is that of the artist’s new exhibition in the art text Robert Montgomery, presented by the Nuke Gallery and ISTANBUL’74 on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the”Polluted Generation”, Nuke’s creative community.

With this new reflection at Nikki Diana Marquardt, Robert explores ecological and social issues through watercolours, woodcuts, low consumption light panels, and a new installation made of copper, recycled glass, and 12v LED bulbs. Produced with ARTCOP21 from the COP21 conference and mixing subtle references to Jack Kerouac or Ezra Pound, CHAPTER 6 urges us to be more attentive to environmental or ecological issues by alluding to the unsustainability of this electric city we have created, underlining the need for a radical transformation of our way of life.

Faithful to the good food and the night celebrations, the group of friends then met at Castel to extend the opening with the finest Germanopratin dishes. Green’s good, full’s better.

Photos: Quentin Crestinu

Photos: Say Who
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